Icon Modern started with a mission to source local urban wood destined for landfill and handcraft sustainable custom pieces of furniture — furniture with a story and a mission.

As our material versatility and capabilities have grown, our ethos remains the same; to source the overwhelmingly majority of our materials within a 100-mile radius of our showroom. This approach not only reduces our carbon footprint, but supports local businesses in our community, 


Urban Wood

Urban wood, by definition, is salvaged wood that comes from city and suburban trees that were taken down due to disease, storm damage, construction and other causes. Many view this wood as waste, or at best, mulch or firewood. But we view urban wood as a regenerative resource and sustainable material. We source all of our urban wood from Illinois and Wisconsin while offering a variety of species and finishes.

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Our steel capabilities have grown over the last few years which means more possibilities and solutions. From architectural elements to furniture, we can powdercoat, laser cut and even bend steel for your projects. We can custom fabricate steel planters, space dividers, branding & signage, just to name a few! Our steel shop is located in Chicagoland so each piece is fabricated locally.

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Other Materials

In addition to wood and steel, we work with a variety of other materials including stone, glass, concrete and brass. We also love exploring versatile and unique materials. We've done projects with leather, repurposed skateboard material and even salvaged car hoods! We like to step outside the "standard" box and collaborate with designers to come up with something truly unique so reach out to us if you have an idea.

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