6 Ways To Incorporate Steel Elements Into Your Project Design

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Below is a snapshot of what's possible but for more ideas, view our new Steel Elements Look Book. Happy inspo hunting!

Space Dividers

It’s no secret that space dividers are popping up everywhere as a low-cost way to define space and maintain flexibility, particularly in workplace design, and we are here for it! With powdercoat color options, custom shapes & sizes, infill panels, mixed materials options, and laser cut patterns, the possibilities are endless. With today's changing workplace designs, creating moveable elements is a popular choice, and we regularly add casters to many of our products. Let our versatile capabilities help you to create a unique solution for your project.

custom space divider in steel with plants by Icon Modern
custom steel laser cut space dividers by Icon Modern
custom space divider by Icon Modern
Custom steel space divider red powdercoat

Ceiling Elements

Don’t forget to look up every once in a while! Your ceiling often represents an unoccupied area of real estate that can help define the boundaries of a space. Oftentimes in commercial interiors, the challenge of maximizing room heights is masking the exposed ducts, conduit, pipes and other unattractive ceiling objects. Custom steel screening elements represent a flexible, low cost and high impact design solution. They are easy to design and assemble and offer many versatile options to customize to your space. (Don’t take our word for it, check out these creative examples!)

custom steel ceiling planter by Icon Modern
custom hanging ceiling element by Icon Modern
custom steel ceiling element by Icon Modern
custom steel ceiling element in bronze powdercoat by Icon Modern


Custom steel planters are a simple yet stylish way to divide space or add a touch of nature indoors. They can be fabricated in many different sizes and shapes, lining corridors, greeting visitors in reception or in between desks and tables. Incorporate other pieces like a trellis or fun powdercoat color that matches the space’s design palette. When a standard planter just won’t do, we’ve got you covered!

custom planter in hot rolled steel by Icon Modern
custom planter made from hot rolled steel with custom powdercoat by Icon Modern
custom planter in hot rolled steel by Icon Modern
custom steel planters by Icon Modern

Feature Walls

Take a sad wall and make it better! We specialize in turning an underwhelming elevation into a feature wall! Our custom steel wall panels, wraps and architectural steel applications work in almost any type of environment including elevator banks, reception areas, amenity spaces and even hallways. We love new ideas so bring them our way.

custom steel space divider with mesh infill by Icon Modern
custom curved steel mesh feature wall by Icon Modern
custom laser cut steel panels by Icon Modern
custom steel trellis with live and faux plants by Icon Modern

Branding & Signage

Say it with steel. Our laser cutting capabilities can bring your unique brand to life through custom branding and signage options. We can upload any file to match your font, brand pattern and color. We can fabricate your design to accommodate lighting, plants and other accessories. With endless color options, you can powdercoat your custom signage or go bold and create a large architectural element like this fun “H” we fabricated for a health care client.

custom branded architectural element in hot rolled steel by Icon Modern
custom branding with laser cut steel and ash slat wall with plants by Icon Modern
custom reception desk and space divider by Icon Modern
custom laser-cut signage for Simplex by Icon Modern

Storage + Shelving

Getting creative with custom shelving and storage is another way to personalize a space for both design and function. Steel frames are an excellent way to add flexible display areas while incorporating a combination of open and concealed storage. We can fabricate custom shelving to fit any sized area and incorporate mixed materials such as glass, brass and urban wood.

custom shelving with stainless steel, glass and urban wood by Icon Modern
custom steel shelving and laser cut steel feature wall by Icon Modern
custom steel shelving in a matte black powdercoat finish by Icon modern
custom credenza in steel with custom purple powdercoat by Icon Modern
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