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Icon Modern expands reach in Midwest with furniture rep group W.E. Gingell Associates, Inc. Leading Chicago-based custom contract furniture manufacturer, Icon Modern, establishes formal partnership with furniture rep group, W.E. Gingell Associates, Inc. to expand its presence in the Midwest and offer its unique products and process to more commercial designers.

CHICAGO, IL, June 21, 2021 – Icon Modern, a custom contract furniture manufacturer in Chicago, IL announced a formal partnership with contract furniture rep group, W.E. Gingell Associates Inc., joining the family-owned company’s line-up of fine commercial furniture manufacturers. The partnership continues Icon Modern’s growth in the Midwest, expanding its reach in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Icon Modern’s custom product offering is rooted in sustainability, featuring commercial-grade tables handcrafted from local urban trees that are diverted from landfill. Other products include reception desks, space dividers, planters and found objects – all of which are completely customizable for a truly one-of-a-kind design. 

“Designers are inspired by sustainable furniture and architectural elements that tell a story. We offer them creative freedom to bring their unique vision to life. It is why we have been able to establish Icon Modern as a collaborative and reliable custom partner for commercial designers in Chicago,” commented Rocky Levy, co-founder of Icon Modern. He added, “Our new partnership with W.E. Gingell Associates will allow Icon Modern to offer our custom products and process to other designers and dealers across the Midwest. We are excited about this next step in our strategic growth as a company.”

W.E. Gingell’s focus on great design, quality products, reliable ship dates and exceptional client service is what drew the furniture rep group to Icon Modern. Located 20 miles outside Detroit in Livonia, MI, the company was founded in 1964 by Walter E. Gingell and continues to be a family-owned business today. 

“Our team is thrilled to begin this journey with Icon Modern and we are excited to share their story and processes with our customers,” said Paul Gingell, President of W.E. Gingell Associates. He continued, “Architects and designers have a competent partner with Icon Modern to support their vision in a way that lets them focus on the big picture. Furniture dealers and contractors are assured a consistent, high quality product, delivered on time with full logistic expertise and within budget. Owners will delight in the quality, fit and finish of products that will be a source of pride for generations.”


About Icon Modern

Icon Modern is a new kind of custom furniture and architectural elements company based in Chicago, IL. Our origins lie in the creative reuse of materials: diverting urban trees designated for landfill and handcrafting them into unique pieces of furniture. Furniture with a story and a mission. That mission has grown into a full-service custom contract furniture company, offering a broader range of in-house services, sustainable materials and creative engineering than most traditional custom fabricators. It is our versatility and flexibility that has enabled Icon Modern to become the go-to custom shop in Chicago and surrounding areas.

About W.E. Gingell Associates, Inc.

At W. E. Gingell Associates, Inc. our mission is to support the design and architectural communities with exceptional problem solving, creative products, innovative solutions and exceptional service. Our founder Walt Gingell was inspired to help organizations achieve strategic business goals through transforming workspace. Since its inception in 1964 W. E. Gingell Associates, Inc. has brought this vision across North America and the Globe. We believe in the transformative power of fine commercial furnishings and are sincerely dedicated to our customers. Our way of business has allowed us to successfully support architects, designers, furnishing dealers and manufacturers for over five decades.

Media contact:

Allison Stegich

Icon Modern

(312) 523-9317

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